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After more than ten years of hard work, our business has been extended to all parts of the country, and our products are widely used in various industry sectors, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many of the world's top IT vendors.

Website Building

Combining 10 years of experience in Internet brand building and integrated marketing, we provide customers with an integrated and comprehensive Internet marketing integration solution!



The second generation EYPC Snapdragon server CPU, based on the "Zen" architecture of the high-performance processor EPYC™ server AMD EPYC™ embedded products.


Quality Service

We adhere to the "all for the user" principle of service, specifically established a professional technical service team, with a sound after-sales service system and quality assurance system.


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The development of a company is inseparable from the strength of the team. A good team needs an excellent person to join.


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User-centric intelligent IT services

Safe and trustworthy Exclusive customization Enjoy it anywhere

  • File Server

    File cloud storage server, backing up various data assets such as mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere. Support for snapshots to make files more secure. More support for duplicate file query, reducing storage space waste

  • Video Surveillance System

    Enterprise-class video surveillance system that protects the company's precious assets and ensures environmental security through smart cameras. Supports motion detection, lost objects, and other 6 kinds of intelligent analysis to help you create a safe working environment

  • Data Security Protection

    Access policies, privilege partitioning, system scanning, and different levels of data protection. A variety of data backup solutions that allow you to avoid data loss due to various reasons and cannot retrieve data.

  • Collaborative Work

    The three collaborative office tools have completely changed the way of working. Support multiple people to edit files, videos and pictures online, clearly mark comments and file check functions. Private network environment, more secure, prevent data leakage

  • Easy To Use

    DSM graphical management interface allows you to manage your account and storage space flexibly, with precise server orientation, optimized storage management and notification, so you can understand the server status anytime, anywhere.

  • Integrated Application

    Supports multiple service environments such as DHCP, DNS, VPN, and domain. A multi-purpose machine, super cost-effective. More constantly updated security components ensure stable, efficient and secure service.

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About We

Founded in 2008 (formerly known as Guangzhou LingDian Technology in 2008), Guangzhou TianAo Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional storage, server and graphics workstation hardware solution provider in South China, focusing on the production, sales and solutions of server products. solve. Its own brand: TianAo server, and has "TianAo server production R & D center." At the same time, it is also a regional agent for many well-known brand server products. After ten years of precipitation and accumulation, it has risen rapidly in the field of servers and storage.

After nearly ten years of hard work, the business has been extended to all parts of the country, and its products are widely used in government, Internet, education, communications, finance, broadcasting, scientific research, enterprise, monitoring, network security, data storage and other industries to provide OEM/ODM for customers. Customized service. And with the world's top IT vendors INTEL (Intel server), ASUS (ASUS server, ASUS workstation motherboard), SUPERMICRO (AMD server, AMD motherboard), Taian motherboard, DELL server, LSI, Synology NAS storage, QSAN storage and other vendors Establish long-term partnerships.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been professional, efficient and innovative as the company's development philosophy, providing excellent overall solutions for various industries. At the same time, we have won the trust and praise of users by adhering to the customer's needs and providing high quality and efficient service concept. Ten years of grinding swords, extraordinary excellence, through ten years of hard work, TianAo Technology is not only a hardware supplier, we are moving towards becoming the most "professional server and storage solution provider" in China.

Facing the new era of intelligent data, TianAo will continue to surpass itself and build a solid and reliable computing platform for customers with safer and more innovative product solutions, so that the calculations will be worry-free. At the same time, continue to work together with customers and partners to create a bright future. , continue to make greater contributions to the development of China's IT industry!

We adhere to the spirit of innovation, focus on customer needs, and provide customers with professional, efficient and performance product experience in the spirit of craftsmanship.
We are committed to the independent innovation of storage core technologies and products, to customize safe and efficient storage products and solutions for customers.
We meet the professional needs, aiming at high speed, high capacity and high stability, and customize a powerful computer with high performance processing functions.

Recommend Products

Meet corporate/personal storage needs

Synology RS4017xs+

Highly scalable NAS
Intel® Xeon® D-1541 8-core processor
8 GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM up to 64 GB
3U chassis design with 16 SATA hard drive slots


Synology FS6400

Extremely fast all-flash server for I/O intensive applications
Two Intel® Xeon® Silver eight cores with NUMA support
DDR4 ECC RDIMM up to 512GB
Expandable to 72 hard drives with RX2417sas


Synology DS1817

Powerful, integrated, private cloud solution
4GB DDR3L, up to 8GB
1,577 MB of continuous read capability per second
Expandable to 18 hard drives with two DX517 expansion units

高性能:双路Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors,205W TDP
海容量:6通道, 最高可达2933 MHz DDR4/16DIMM
强扩展:高达2个双插槽 GPU, 包括 NVIDIAA100
可用性: 前面板共有 8 个组合 SATA/SAS 硬盘
海容量:16DIMM Up to 4TB RDIMM
强扩展:10路双宽PCIe 4.0X8,最大负载8000瓦特
采用 AMD EPYC 9004 处理器搭配 96 Zen 4 核心
12通道, 最高可达 4800 MHz DDR5
每插槽最高支持 400W TDP
Up to 8 x PCIe Gen4 GPGPU cards
Dual AMD EPYC 7002 series processor family

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Industry Solutions
Our core technology serves the government, enterprises, education, medical and other industries, providing software and hardware solutions.







Solution NAS

GPU Computing

Success Case

Website Building
Understanding the evolution of market trends, letting communication return to society
Website construction, WeChat development, small program development, management system development, we use the positioning of precise ideas to drive your brand to make a difference, let us create amazing works for your brand.

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Intel 10nm processor shipments: nuclear performance finally surpasses AMD
Intel has maintained a strong dominance in the PC processor field, but with the release of the AMD 7nm process three generations of AVerMedia processors this year, Intel's position in the desktop processor field was once threatened. Intel has announced the Ice Lake processor for the 10nm process a long time ago. Now it is finally on sale. According to the current product, it seems that the performance is very good. Guangzhou TianAo Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Gamers call for a long time Intel Gen11 core display advanced graphics technology
As the resolution increases, the resolution of 4K can bring higher image quality, but it also causes some problems, that is, conversion between different resolutions, such as 1920x1080 resolution on the display of 2560x1440 resolution. The problem shown, because the resolution of the two is different, this requires scaling, and how to handle scaling is a hassle. Guangzhou TianAo Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Intel nuclear driver update supports integer scaling: only 10nm ten generation Core
Intel updated the nuclear driver on the weekend, version, quietly added the long-augmented Integer Upscaling feature, but Intel gave it a new name "Retro Scaling". Guangzhou TianAo Information Technology Co., Ltd.
NVIDIA 436.02 driver game performance increased by 23%
At Cologne Game Show, NVIDIA has no new hardware, but fiercely outbursts in soft power. First, it shows the "Rebirth Edge", "Modern War", "The Evanescent Light 2", "Watchdog: Legion", "My The ray tracing effect of the World, "Control", "Vampire: Avoiding the Blood Race 2", "German Headquarters: New Blood" and other games, now brings a special version of the game chicken blood drive, version number 436.02, Known as the gam

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